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Turning machines use a single point cutting tool that is parallel to the surface of the work piece. Turning can be done manually on a traditional lathe, which often requires operator supervision.

Turning is also accomplished with a computer-controlled, automated lathe. Once the computer is programmed, it requires minimal supervision. This type of turning machine is referred to as having computer numerical control, or better known as CNC turning.

United Scientific, Inc, is able to make a wide variety of parts for numerous industries using our turning machine operations, which include both tapered turning and spherical generation.

Specifically, we began our journey in the manufacturing industry with a line of 6-Spindle Screw Machines in the 1940s, turning parts for the war effort. And even today, we still run a full line of these types of mechanical screw machines, which are very effective for the appropriate jobs as they can be fully loaded with 6 bars and once properly running, need very little operator assistance, aside from loading the next round of bars. This makes these ideal for large production jobs that don’t demand a super-critical surface finish.

Naturally, over the years, our turning machines have evolved beyond these original machines. For instance, we now have a full line of Brown & Sharpe screw machines that can handle smaller diameters, tighter tolerances, and have even been converted to computer controlled for additional levels of precision and efficiency.

Beyond screw machines, we have full lines of CNC Lathes and CNC Swiss Type Lathes. These machines offer several capabilities beyond traditional screw-type turning machines: additional machining axes for complex machining; greater precision for smaller dimensions and tighter tolerances; sub spindles for greater efficiency as a part can be machined from both ends without any operator adjustments; and live tooling which allows for milling on the lathe, preventing the need for more costly secondary operations in the actual milling department.

These are the reasons our turning services, combined with the many other services we offer, help make us a leading machine shop in the Upper Midwest.

Our turning services, combined with the many other services we offer, help make us a leading machine shop in the Upper Midwest.

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