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CNC milling machines use computer commands to move and operate a spindle cutting head with absolute precision. Tool holders grip tools that will be used by the program for cutting, and the machine can make tool changes automatically as dictated by the computer.

Typically, CNC milling machines are differentiated from one another according to the number of axes that each machine has. X and Y axes are labeled to complete horizontal movements. Z axes are labeled to perform vertical machine movements. Standard CNC milling machines generally have three axes.

In addition to our three-axes machines, some United Scientific Inc CNC milling machines include a fourth axes which enable us to manufacture more complex parts in one operation with greater precision. Once our trained machinists input a program into any of our CNC milling machines, it can cut parts exactly the same – over and over again with absolute accuracy. Our expert CNC milling services are just one of the many services we offer that make us a leading machine shop in the Upper Midwest.

Our Promise to You:

As an industry leader, we know what it takes to get the job done right – at the right price. Working from one of the largest automatic and general machining facilities in the Upper Midwest, we take great pride in delivering both top-quality parts and exceptional value for our customers. For nearly seven decades, our first and only job has been to ensure that our customers get the parts they need – along with the finest service in the industry – on time, on budget, and to their exact specifications.

Our Customers:

United Scientific Inc has become an important supplier to leading companies including 3M, Tuff Torq Corp., Toro, Eaton and others, and has received an Outstanding Supplier award from 3M, a Supplier Certification award from Hiawatha Rubber, and a Supplier Recognition award from Par Aide.

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Our Promise to You

At United Scientific Inc, good enough is never good enough. Regardless of the type of product or service you need, or the size of your order, you have our word that the job will be completed and delivered to your exact specifications, on time and on budget. For nearly 70 years, that’s been business as usual at United Scientific Inc.