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Milling is considered one of the most common forms of machining and is typically used to make parts with unique features like holes, pockets, slots or three-dimensional surface contours.

Because milling offers high tolerances and surface finishes, it is ideal for adding precise features to a part that is already formed. Parts that are completed solely via the milling process might include components for limited-quantity runs or prototypes.

Our vertical mills machine materials by feeding a workpiece past a rotating multiple-tooth cutter. The multiple-tooth cutting action around the milling cutter provides a fast and accurate method of highly precise machining.

We use our top-of-the-line milling machines to perform functions like these that cannot be done through turning only. This enables us to provide value-added processes right here in our shop, without subcontracting out the work. It’s one more way we can deliver the highest quality parts both on time and on budget.

Evolution of Milling Machine Capabilities

Milling machines played a key role in fueling the industrial revolution. Early versions of the milling machine were designed to shape wood in the 19th century. But times changed, knowledge of metallurgy grew more advanced, and the technology had to follow. Machines used for shaping wood had to be modified to cut and shape various metals.

As precision became increasingly important, milling machines got better and had more advanced capabilities. Countless skilled machinists were making adjustments in their own shops across the country, which makes it difficult to credit one person as the “inventor” of the milling machine. It was more like an evolution to bring milling along and keep pace with the growing need for quality parts that helped build our nation.

As years passed, the milling machine became an iconic symbol of American industry and manufacturing. But the technological advances in milling have not slowed. Modern mills are fully computerized, utilizing computer numerical control (CNC) on, which once programmed into the computer is set-up and ready for any future production runs of the same part. This technological assistance and memory helps machinists gain production efficiencies as well as provides even more precision and quality for clients.

Our Milling Machine Services Include:

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