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CNC Swiss Screw Machines

CNC Swiss screw machines, also called CNC turning machines or lathes, operate largely on the same principle as an automatic Swiss screw machine, except the operation is controlled by a CNC unit. Because of the increased direction provided by the CNC, these turning machines can feature more sets of tooling, allowing for the machine to perform several operations on the same piece in a shorter amount of time.

Our CNC Swiss screw machines are predominant in the automotive, IT, and consumer electronic industries. Swiss-style machines’ accuracy and delicacy is valued in many facilities, including ours. CNC Swiss screw machines can produce a large number of small precision parts quickly and at low cost. Because CNC Swiss machines can handle both exotic and common metals of varying strengths and compositions, they are widely applicable and feature as integral processes in various industries.

United Scientific Inc’s CNC Swiss machines produce components by spinning on a very quickly rotating lathe, which shaves metal down to a desired size. CNC Swiss screw machining is cost efficient for both short and longer-run projects because once properly tooled and programmed, many machines can run under the supervision of one operator. CNC Swiss machines are also able to do more precision work due to the tight, close quarters of the guide bushing, workpiece, and tooling.

Our CNC Swiss machining capability allows for larger length-to-diameter ratios, much closer tolerances, multi-tasking, and more.

Some of our Swiss machining equipment includes:

  • Hanwha Models SL-32HPII 1-1/4″ capacity with bar feed, sub spindle, live tooling, long part ejection, and full C axis.
  • The NEW Hanwha Model XD-32H with 1-1/4″ capacity with bar feed, sub spindle, live tooling, long part ejection, and full C axis

The various materials we work with include (but are not limited to):

  • stainless steel
  • brass
  • aluminum
  • copper
  • cold rolled steel
  • plastic
  • nickel alloy
  • titanium
  • 15/5 PH stainless
  • inconel (superalloy)
  • hastelloy (superalloy)

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