The Right Stuff for the Job

Our Automatic & General Machining Equipment

Without a complete line of the best automatic and general machining equipment available, our highly-skilled craftsmen could not deliver the quality parts you expect and require, customized to your specific needs, every time. Here’s more about our Swiss, CNC, Screw, and Precision Grinding machines and their capabilities.

Swiss Machines

We can achieve larger length-to-diameter ratios, much closer tolerances, multitasking, and more, thanks to our Swiss Machining capabilities.

CNC Machines

A manufacturing “cell” is an efficient placement of the people, supplies, machines, tools, etc., needed to manufacture a product or products.

Our CNC cells enable operators to use a variety of tools at once to simultaneously manufacture a series (or family) of parts with little or minimal changeover. That adds efficiencies, and saves time and money.

Automatic Screw Machines

Our multi-spindle machines offer the option to work on several parts at once, while our single-spindle machines can handle longer parts for short run, medium quantity or large quantity orders, which saves you time and money.

Precision Grinders

We can provide high production and better lead times thanks to our in-house plunge and through-feed centerless grinders. These machines also enable us to deliver superior straightness, close tolerances and fine finishes.

Automatic Screw Machines

Our multi-spindle screw machines can work on multiple parts at once, and our single-spindle screw machines handle longer parts – for short run, medium quantity, or large quantity orders saving you time and money. Some of our equipment includes:

  • New Britain-Gridley 6 Spindles 1-5/8″ and 2-1/4″
  • Acme-Gridley 6 Spindles 9/16″ and 1″ with pickoff attachment
  • Brown & Sharpe Ultramatic No. 2 Single Spindle Automatics 1-5/8″ Capacity, with longitudinal turning slides, upper front slide attachments, and Lipe Bar
  • Feeds – including Servo-Cam for increased productivity and reduced set-up time
  • Brown & Sharpe No. 3s – 2 3/8″ Capacity
  • Brown & Sharpe OO Models – 1/2″ Automatic

Precision Grinders

Our in-house plunge and through-feed centerless grinders enable high production and better lead times, along with superior straightness, close tolerances, and fine finishes:

  • Cincinnati Centerless Grinders #220-8, #2, with and without Hydraulic Infeed

Quality Control

Quality is everything – which is why your Quality Control gets premier focus at United Scientific Inc. Dozens of inspections are performed on everything we make, using a variety of the latest high-tech measuring equipment including optical and digital gauges – continually calibrated and re-checked. Nothing leaves our plant without passing numerous examinations – nothing leaves without being right.

At United Scientific Inc, just catching out-of-tolerance parts is not good enough. That is why we conduct PFMEA analyses to anticipate what might go out of tolerance, plus we also perform “Cpk” analyses to prove that our processes have the capabilities to meet and exceed the tolerances our customers require.